Jurisdictional Risk Assessment

In this phase of analysis, the community rather than the first responder service is examined to identify areas of risk that, when properly addressed, can lead to significantly improved performance.  Communities are dynamic and emergency response plans need to be updated continuously in order to adequately meet our citizens’ emergency response needs.  A number of factors are evaluated as we seek to better understand those gaps:

  • Population Analysis—shows where the population served is concentrated, how it has grown historically and its current composition by age or socioeconomic factors


  • Community Risk Analysis–Assess the inherent risks present in every community based upon demographic, socioeconomic, fiscal, structural, cultural, zoning, and land usage.


  • Structural and Land Use Risk Analysis–Evaluates properties in terms of relative risk to the community and their relationship to fire station locations.  Certain large square footage or multi-story structures require certain types of fire apparatus to be stationed nearby for optimal insurance rating and effective firefighting.