Flooding, Hurricane, Earthquake Scenarios and Loss Estimation

Like all software, unless you practice with it on a routine basis, you’ll get rusty.  It’ll take you much longer to produce information than those, like us, use the software regularly.  This can cost valuable time in an emergency as well as recovery from a disaster. Beacon GIS supports the functions of emergency management in all of it phases.  We utilize HAZAS-MH  in conjunction with our GIS software to create scenarios for Earthquake, Flood, and Hurricanes to estimate damage losses.

Certified by FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute as a HAZUS Professional means extensive training on the software has been completed to efficiently run scenarios and include your inventory for more accurate results.

FEMA Certified Hazus Professional










Chemical Plume Modeling

We also utilize ALOHA with GIS to create chemical accident plume scenarios for planning and exercise development.
















Evacuation Planning

We utilize GIS to model evacuation planning not just by shortest distance and time but also by road capacity.  Capacity -Aware Shortest Path Evacuation Routing (CASPER) tool developed by Kaveh Shahabi at the the University of Southern California Spatial Sciences Institute does just that.