BeaconGIS serves the three core areas of emergency first response by developing expert, cost-effective recommendations to satisfy community needs.

Current Conditions Evaluation

We employ a broad array of technical analysis in assessing the current conditions governing the performance of emergency first response departments.  This assessment establishes the “base case” for further analysis and recommendations.

Jurisdictional Risk Assessment

In this phase of analysis, the community rather than the first responder service is examined to identify areas of risk that, when properly addressed, can lead to significantly improved performance. Communities are dynamic and emergency response plans need to be updated continuously in order to adequately meet our citizens’ emergency response needs.  A number of factors are evaluated as we seek to better understand those gaps.

Future Needs Planning

The best conceived plans will remain effective only so long due to the ever-changing community landscape.  In this phase of planning, additional tools are deployed to project the future needs resulting from the natural evolution of a community and the lower-cost, incremental changes that can be activated to maintain response performance.