About Our Company

Robert K. McNally, Founder & Principal
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As an EMS paramedic and firefighter for various agencies, I always wanted to reach people in time to help them during undoubtedly the most traumatic time of their life. It was frustrating to realize that perhaps we were too far or too few in number to achieve that mission in many cases. While understanding the fiscal constraints that the services were under, I couldn’t help but think that maybe we were being too efficient to be effective. Why can’t we be both by planning better.

Its then I realized that our services are reactive ones, waiting for the alarm instead of preparing for it. As our community grew with new development and more population, the agencies failed to keep up and they became less effective in meeting the needs. I decided that this cannot continue and that I would be a part of the change that would bring effective and efficient first responder services to communities nationwide.

Since first responders and the people they serve exist within a certain area, it made great sense to apply an emerging technology of GIS (Geographic Information Science) and analysis to combine with Regional Community Planning efforts to design more effective emergency services.

This is what we’ve done here at Beacon GIS. A new, fresh outlook for first responder services toward the future of saving lives, fighting crime,